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Smiling and facebook

It is always intriguing to me that everyone’s life is absolutely fantastic on Facebook.  If Facebook transferred into real life on a day-to-day basis we seemingly wouldn’t have all the grumps we face day in and day out.  Funny how I drive around town and see people with the same expression on their face, upset, downtrodden, or down right angry.  Maybe they are upset that they can’t get to their Facebook quick enough, or weren’t happy with their latest wall post or update.  No most likely not.  They are probably just that way, which is sad in itself as there is truly so much to be joyful about.  I once heard that the majority of the human race has experience the majority of the surroundings in their immediate lives by the time they are 16.  And at this time they are desensitized to the beauty of all that surrounds us in nature every single day.  We should all look around every single day and take in the beauty of life which naturally makes us smile!  I guess the transparency that Facebook allows enables us to all feel brave, or be able to step that much further out of our comfort zones again enabling us to say how wonderful our lives our??!?!?  Either way and no matter what it truly is, it will always make me laugh.


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